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July 13th Concert - A Musical Journey Across the Nation

Jul 12

Written by:
Tuesday, July 12, 2011  RssIcon

Hello again!

Sorry we had to cancel last week's concert, but those thunderstorms were a little too intense for our liking.  (Besides, the band finds it hard to play when the conductor is hiding under the bandstand!)

This week, we take a musical journey across America, starting right here at home.  We open with the State of Maine Song, by Roger Vinton Snow.  Adopted on March 30, 1937 as the official State song of Maine, it's final line, "And tho' we search far and wide, our search will be in vain to find a fairer spot on earth than Maine!  Maine!  Maine!", echoes a sentiment felt by many of our residents and visitors alike.

We have several new/old pieces in tonight's repertoire.  A number of years ago, when Dick Albert was still leading the band, we "retired" a group of pieces from active service.  Although it was all great music, the pieces were some that the band had grown tired of playing.  Dick cleaned out his garage this spring and delivered several boxes of the old music to me.  The band spent its May rehearsals working through many of the pieces - learning new music for most of the band, but getting reacquainted with some old friends for us "old-timers".  Pieces you will hear tonight from this collection are Prairie Prince Overture and Hayride, with more to come in later weeks.

Some more familiar selections this week include a medley of pieces from Oklahoma by Richard Rogers, Deep In The Heart of Texas by Don Swander, and The Creole Queen by Maine composer, Robert Browne (R. B.) Hall.

Our featured march composer this week is Henry Fillmore.  Born in Ohio, he mastered a number of musical instruments including the trombone (which he had to do in secret, as his religious father considered it a sinful instrument).  Fillmore retired to Miami, Florida in his later years, where the Henry Fillmore Band Hall on the campus of the University of Miami was built in his honor.  Marches by Fillmore on tonight's concert are Men of Ohio, Miami, and Americans We.

A piece that fits equally well on this week's concert and next week's program, "Dance, Dance, Dance", is Kentucky Babe.  This piece is a Schottische, a partnered folk dance whose steps include short runs, steps and hops.  Years ago, my grandmother tried to teach me the Finnish variation of the schottische steps.  As I had to play the music for the dance on the accordion at the same time that I was trying to learn the steps, you can imagine just how well I mastered the Schottische!

Hope to see you at the bandstand on Wednesday night!


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